Trade Credit Insurance

Commrisk is a specialist broker of credit risk mitigation products, including credit and political risk insurance as well as accounts receivable.


We have earned the trust of our clients by using our knowledge and proficiency to help navigate the changing economic climate.

How credit insurance works?

At Commrisk we believe that a credit insurance policy is more than just a piece of paper. With a credit insurance policy, you can better control and protect the company against bad-debt losses. As your Insurance partner, our knowledge helps you make the best decisions for your business. The ultimate goal is to help your business avoid foreseeable losses and to achieve success.

The Benefits

Credit insurance does more than just ensure your accounts are paid. It helps your business succeed by providing the following benefits:

  • Provides protection against unexpected revenue, profit and cash shortfalls caused by bad debts or the insolvency of major clients or suppliers.
  • Expert assessment of payment risks
  • Increased market infiltration
  • Lower legal costs
  • Assistance with business rescue procedures and liquidations

Why Choose Commrisk as your Insurance Partner?
  • At Commrisk, we take a customer-centric approach when it comes to service.
  • We will ensure that the right Credit insurance is in place which will afford you the confidence to expand your sales in to new markets.
  • Our expertise knowledge helps you make the best decisions for your business by picking the right clients.
  • An optimized risk management approach when exploring and developing new markets.
  • We understand that the correct Credit insurance is critical to protecting your cash flows by affording you the reassurance should your clients default on payments.
  • Better borrowing and financing options.


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