Medical aid & health insurance

Commrisk Life offers clients access to both medical aid and health insurance cover.

Is there a difference between medical aid and health insurance? Yes, there is.

Medical aid

The Council for Medical Schemes governs medical schemes in South Africa. Most pay out according to the National Health Recommended Price List, a nationally formulated and regulated price list for medical services. A few pay out based on South African Medical Association rates, which many healthcare professionals use as the basis for their charges, so the medical aid member must pay in the difference.

Health insurance

Either the Long-Term Insurance Act or the Short-Term Insurance Act governs health insurance, where the policy pays out at a set rate for every day that a member is hospitalised. What they use this money for is up to them; it can be used to assist with the cost of medical treatment or daily expenses he/she can't cover while in hospital. A health insurance policy does not offer the same amount of cover as a medical aid, but it can be a practical way to give employees access to the right medical care.

Whether short-term cover, long-term insurance, investment or medical insurance, Commrisk offers services that are quicker, more efficient and more effective than usual. In addition, there is a Commrisk in your area, wherever you might be.

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